3D Printed Soprano Ukulele

I decided to create a design for a headless soprano ukulele.  I broke the design into three main pieces; the neck, the body and a piece to help stabilize the connection between the neck and body. I’d really like it to just be snap together but right now the parts need to be glued. I added a grid support to the front face of the body and I think it gives it a little bit of a pineapple/ukulele look. It plays pretty well but tuning it with the friction fit tuning pegs is irritating.  You can get the  part files and instructions for putting it together at Thingiverse.

My future plans for it are:

  • Add a back to it. It sounds pretty good without a back but maybe it’ll sound a little more ukulele-like and a little less banjo-like with a back on it.
  • I want to get rid of the friction fit tuning pegs. I want to put some nice (and hidden) tuning gears inside the body.
  • A better connection between the neck and the body with possibly a way to adjust the action.
Posted in Printed Objects

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