Converting my Filastruder to Vertical

After seeing this on Thingiverse, I gave it a try by just turning my Filastruder on it’s end.  After running it for a few minutes, it was an obviously better way to extrude filament. I decided to switch to a vertical Filastruder but there was no way I was going to take the pipe apart for a 3rd (4th?) time and risk messing up the thermistor to switch to a vertical hopper. I needed to design my own hopper that could be attached to the pipe without taking the extruder apart. Here’s my first shot at it.


That’s my smoke alarm right next to it. I wasn’t really worried that it would catch on fire. It was mostly just a good place to mount both of them in the workshop.


And here is a better view of the bolt-on hopper. Near the end of printing the hopper, it started slowly falling to the side  and that’s what is causing the little curve at the top of it.

You’ll also notice there is some tape at the bottom of it right next to the fins. As it was running, the auger was jamming the pellets into the bottom edge. That was forcing it out a little at the bottom and pellets were leaking. I’ll definitely be redesigning that part of the hopper.

Vertical is definitely the way to go. The filament comes out perfectly as long as you don’t touch it at any point from the nozzle to where it touches the floor. And it actually coils itself up pretty well and doesn’t end up as the tangled mess you’d expect.


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2 comments on “Converting my Filastruder to Vertical
  1. Hi Dave
    I converted my filastruder to vertical and had a problem winding it with my drill setup.
    There seemed to be a twist as the filament would twist about three times and I had to stop winding and untwist it to continue. Did you have any problems like this? The filament was great I only had problems winding it.

    • David Smith says:

      I never took the time to get a drill setup for doing the winding. I’d always just do it by hand. A few times after I moved the filament to a different room before winding it, it would get twisted somehow but when I didn’t move the filament around before winding it (by hand) I didn’t have a problem. Also, I don’t know if it matters, but I’d tried to wind it starting with the end of the filament that came out of the filastruder last.

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