Updated Magnetic Effector

Here is an update to the magnetic effector. I’ve tilted the fans and created some tunnels that direct the output of the three fans right at center of spot being printed. It still has room on the bottom for 3 strips of 6 LEDs.

I struggled to print it with 100% infill but was never successful without a lot of warping and curling. So I backed off on the infill. The settings for this print were 4 shells, 20% infill,  0.25mm layers, and 0.6mm skin.  The only problem I had was a slight curl on two of the  triangle tips.

I started off with white ABS and then switched to black at about 2mm.


Then near the end I decided to switch again for printing the fan tubes. I currently only have three colors in ABS so I switched to green.


IMG_2354 IMG_2355 IMG_2356

Unfortunately after all this, I discovered the screw mounts for the fans don’t work too well. I’ll need to do a little more work on the design and print it out again.

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